James Lane

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I am the leading provider of digital skills, marketing and digital marketing training, consultancy and support. I am a Google Partner, Hootsuite Certified Professional and ambassador for the UK.

Social media is a remarkably powerful tool for building, engaging and interacting with your community. I will show you how to rock the social media world, become authoritative in your field and ultimately, get more business.

The training I provide is accessible for all levels of skill and experience, you will definitely enjoy it, and you do not need to know anything ahead of time. I will empower you to build a thriving community of engaged and interested members, to enable you to blow the socks off of your new customers.

If you’re confused by Twitter, baffled by Facebook, if you have a LinkedIn account you have no idea what to do with, or you just don’t ‘get’ how Instagram can work for you, I will help you become the social media ninja you have wanted to be.


I love talking to people about all things digital, their social, Hootsuite, Google etc. If that’s why you’re here, that’s awesome. That said, any of the dumb things I say here, do not necessarily reflect the dumb things the people I work for would say.

I may at times link, refer or signpost to sites, individuals and/or companies; in most cases, these references should be treated in the context they were written and not subject to any crackpot conspiracy theories including, but not limited to, endorsements.