James Lane


I have worked in the digital and technology sectors my entire career. This has included working in the US, Mexico and Canada as well as more recently in the North East of England. Over that time I have built a deep understanding of the digital landscape and technologies and, as an early adopter, I am at the forefront of changes within the sector.

I have used this position to support individuals and businesses in their use of digital technologies and to provide thought leadership through the "Talk Digital" podcast which I created to give a voice to the sector, topics and knowledge.

I am passionate about education and learning and look to support this endeavour with all that I do so you'll often find me holding seminars at events and expos. I use this opportunity to build ever-expanding networks of fellow influencers and subject matter experts, to help be a steering voice and guide in the digital sector.

I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn, visit my profile on the professional network, but please do be sure to include a personalised connection request if you're reaching out to me.


I love talking to people about all things digital, their social, Hootsuite, Google etc. If that’s why you’re here, that’s awesome. That said, any of the dumb things I say here, do not necessarily reflect the dumb things the people I work for would say.

I may at times link, refer or signpost to sites, individuals and/or companies; in most cases, these references should be treated in the context they were written and not subject to any crackpot conspiracy theories including, but not limited to, endorsements.